Keeping Up with My Peers

I’m back this week with an update on my peers’ projects, following in on where they are at now:

Peer Review One: Building 29 Resources by Emma Monteleone

Emma has been working alongside her fellow creators in showing all the tools and resources of UOW’s building 29. I’ve been able to keep tabs on Emma’s project via her twitter feed and by following her accounts on Instagram and TikTok.

It can be seen through Emma’s weekly updates on Twitter that she is consistently working on producing content or preparing content that can be made in the future.

Following up from my initial peer review of Emma’s digital artefact, I have noted the online presence development that has been created on Emma’s social media platforms. Emma’s digital artefact consists of coming together with other creators to explore UOW’s building 29. Emma has been able to utilise Twitter, Tiktok and Instagram effectively to showcase the many aspects of being a uni student and what building 29 has to offer. The social channels that Emma has used clearly demonstrates the projects social utility and has been worked upon in the last couple of months. The roles of each creator has been defined on the Instagram account and allows individuals outside of the subject audience to see the potential in the project. I believe that creating content on a more consistent basis would be highly beneficial for Emma and her team. Perhaps creating a series such as the content that Emma posted such as the ‘student interviews’ would create more traction for the building 29 project. This would create organic and authentic content that the audience can engage with. I think content such as ‘student takeovers’ on Instagram and TikTok stories could be a fun and insightful addition to the project. Additionally, we could also see into the lives of each of the ‘Building 29’ project members and see how each creator personally uses the resources in building 29. My favourite part about Emma’s project is that it’s informative, professional yet personal. The use of ‘day in the life’ videos and team introductions on the project’s instagram page creates and authentic feel for the project and how we can trust the creators.

Peer Review Two: The Digital Memo by Tori Saros

For Tori’s digital artefact, Tori is offering creative services, known as ‘The Digital Memo’. I have been able to work alongside in part of this project with Tori and have been able to see the project flourish and how all of the creators have been able to work together. I’ve also been able to keep up to date on Tori’s digital artefact via Twitter. Tori’s recent tweet demonstrates her plans for The Digital Memo’s aesthetics and what type of persona that will be portrayed to the audience and potential clients. The utility is very clear for this project on both a personal and social level.

This project will be highly beneficial for Tori’s future portfolio and how this can be presented as the opportunities and skills that Tori has to offer. In the past 8 weeks, from Tori’s initial pitch, I’ve been able to see lots of progress on the digital artefact. Tori’s project was initially the ‘creative services team’, however after lots of brainstorming and consideration it has been renamed ‘the digital memo’ that’s been able to help narrow down the niche and target audience.

Tori’s role in the digital memo includes managing the social media accounts and helping the creators who are a part of the digital memo to find clients to work with them. Through Tori’s social media accounts I’ve been able to see the brainstorming for content creation. This include social media tips for TikTok and Instagram and how they can be applied by influencers, businesses’ and content creators. Due to the nature of Tori’s digital artefact, I believe that have a consistent posting schedule and ‘theme’ would be highly beneficial. From Tori’s tweets, it can be seen that Tori is already working towards this using ‘filler photos’ to maintain an aesthetic for the creative agency’s branding.

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