STC Blog #02: Environmental Risk Perceptions: food labels, labelling risk, GM, EMF, nanotech

The issue of environmental risk perceptions, labelling risks in regards to GM foods, EMF radiation and nano technologies is conveyed through several readings. These readings explore the possible risks for consumers who use and are exposed to these elements. Furthermore, these articles criticise the responsibilities of multi-national corporations profiting off such products. It is apparent... Continue Reading →


Digital Artefact – Ideating

I began my digital artefact journey with having two ideas in mind. However, the idea of creating a language learning guide really sparked my interest as i always had a passion of learning new languages myself. I thought this would be a great way to share this with other individuals. I had come up with... Continue Reading →

Global Music

The concept of global music involves genres being exposed to hybridisation. This issue with this is, is that, there is a fine line between cultural appreciation and cultural appropriation. In addition to this, global themes within genres of music can be localised by artists with relevance to current and political issues. Hybridisation in this context... Continue Reading →

STC100 Blog #01: Personal Digital Devices

With the advances and creation of digital media technologies, the attitudes and approaches to the monitoring and measuring our own health has drastically changed. The topic of 'Personal Digital Devices' analyses the transition from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0. The use of personal digital devices affects the ways that individuals diagnose and research their medical... Continue Reading →

Global Film Review: Submarine

Submarine is your classic, teen flick however unlike most popular teen films that are set in the United States, this one is set in Swansea, Wales. There are various attributes such as the setting and the attitudes of the characters that make this film distinctive. Submarine is a 2010 comedy-drama that explores the difficulties of... Continue Reading →

Open vs Closed Sources

Within our social networking devices and within the gaming software we use, what they contain is, either open or closed sources. Let's talk Open vs Closed Sources. Sounds complicated, well, let's break it down.  What is open vs closed source software? Source code is a technical blueprint in which it is able to tell a... Continue Reading →

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